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Sesame Seed Oil (250 ml.)

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Fragrant sesame seed oil obtained by cold pressing is used as a dietary supplement to enrich the diet and improve health, as well as in cooking and cosmetology. It is 100% natural, without impurities.

What Sesame Seed Oil is Rich in

  • Antioxidants, mainly sesamol
  • Fatty acids: linoleic and oleic (up to 48%), palmitic (up to 8%), stearic (up to 6%), arachine, myristic, hexadecene in smaller amounts

Useful properties

  • Natural hepatoprotective agent.
  • Normalizes blood acidity and blood pressure.
  • Clears the intestines, has a slight laxative effect.
  • Improves the health condition of diabetes mellitus patients due to lowering blood glucose levels.
  • It is recommended for anemia, hyperthyroidism, lung diseases, asthma.
  • Reduces the risks for developing multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular ailments, blocks the development of cancerous cells.
  • Improves blood coagulation.
  • Helps to lose weight.
  • Improves sleeping and harmonizes emotional background.

Recommendations for Use

The oil has a pleasant taste; therefore, it is widely used in cooking and can partially replace olive oil. It can be used in salads, appetizers, dressings, and marinades. You shouldn’t use it for frying; it is recommended to add it in warm or cold dishes only.

Sesame seed oil is useful for gargling the mouth to prevent tooth plaque and gingivitis. It is also used for massages to ease the pain in joints. It perfectly complements cosmetics: masks, creams, and lotions; moisturizes and softens the skin, heals injuries and improves the tone. Improves hair and nail condition.


Sesame seed oil shouldn’t be taken in case of individual hypersensitivity. It is contraindicated to people with increased blood clotting, predisposition to the blood clots formation, varicose veins. Preliminary consultation with a doctor is recommended.

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