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Amaranth germ oil (100 ml.)

Brand: Shvedov
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Its basic properties are close enough to other living oils, with one exception. There are global differences and there is no equivalent alternative to it at all. On the totality of therapeutic effects, amaranth oil is superior to any other. Features of the composition and interaction of its active substances are unique.

Benefits of Amaranth

  1. It is based on unsaturated fats. Over 30% of all macro-, micro-elements and about 50% of fatty acids are essential, ie vital. This composition, in combination with a high concentration of squalene and vitamin E, is not found anywhere else.
  2. All active substances are related or synergistic, they increase the effect and stability of each other. Their combined benefit significantly exceeds the sum of the effects of each.
  3. Dietary and cosmetic bioavailability are equivalent. They are completely absorbed with food and stimulates vital processes in the body. When applied externally, amaranth oil is quickly absorbed and will start the natural renewal process of the skin.

The main active ingredients

  • Squalene. Directly involved in the synthesis of cholesterol in the body. Adjusts the balance of "good and bad" in favor of the latter. Delivers oxygen and essential body substance in all cells. The predominant component of sebum. Performs a protective function and participates actively in all the processes in the skin, especially of the head and face.
  • Vitamin E. Tocotrienol form predominates in amaranth. The most powerful fat-soluble antioxidant. The highest concentration in energy-intensive organs and tissues with intense fat metabolism. This is the brain, liver, and subcutaneous layers.

Composed of:

  • Omega 3, 6, 7, 9. The unsaturated fatty acids.
  • A, E, B, C, D. Vitamins or their predecessors.
  • Calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, etc.
  • Phospholipids, phytosterols, carotenoids.

About quality, details, and price of amaranth oil TM "Shvedov"

It's an organic product. The source of oil is amaranth grown in Transcarpathia, the ecologically friendly region of Ukraine. It's not an oilseed crop and the seeds are very hard; it is impossible to obtain oil out of them with an ordinary press. For this, the germ is first extracted from amaranth, and the oil is already pressed from it. Only in this way is the very real cold-pressed amaranth oil. Organic and without impurities. It retains all the power of the embryo. This technology allows you to get only 3% oil. The cost production and the cost of the amaranth itself determine the price. This is high quality and expensive product. If, under the guise of cold-pressing, oil is offered to you much cheaper, rest assured that this is a fake.

The dietary and cosmetological value of the oil "Shvedov" is guaranteed to be stored in it with powerful antioxidants and a rich vitamin and mineral complex. This oil should be used as a healthy dietary supplement and used as an effective skin care product. Does not contain preservatives, flavors or third-party impurities. Without GMO.

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