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"Amaranth" research & production company (Shvedov™) specializes in deep processing of amaranth on the unique equipment specifically created for this sole purpose. Their original oils, organic groats, and flour contain no chemical components or impurities of other plants.

New step in extra virgin oil production

The source of a plant’s life and all its power are contained in the plant germ. It is where all the healthy components are concentrated. The company’s engineers designed and built the equipment to produce a unique oil from amaranth germs. The press unit processes the soft germ rather than hard seeds, therefore its working temperature is less than 40 °C (104 °F). That is of great importance.

The process goes as follows:

  1. the germ gets extracted;
  2. it is moistened as necessary;
  3. it is then pressed;
  4. the pressed product is let to settle and gets filtered.

The entire oil production process takes around a month.

Polished Organic Amaranth Groats

This title does a good job of characterizing the product, namely:

  1. All organic product requirements for cultivation and transportation, as well as production, filling, and packaging are followed and confirmed by certificates.
  2. Groats are cleaned from the outer hard shell.

What we get is:

  1. Carbohydrate-high porridge.
  2. Barely any dietary fiber and fats present.
  3. All the beneficial properties of amaranth preserved.
  4. Short cooking time — up to 5 minutes.
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Amaranth germ oil
Amaranth germ oil
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Amaranth flour
Amaranth flour
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