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VitoLiv restore and preserve the cellular structure of the liver

Herbal supplement to clean your liver

Healthy liver - the master organ become your subject of concern? Human body owes its existence the very important organ which is instrumental in normal functioning of all our systems. This is liver. Liver is responsible for the body's metabolism, digestion and blood. In addition to these functions, the liver is a natural filter that protects people from a variety of negative actions. The human body is affected by daily environmental pollution, unhealthy, junk food, drugs etc - all this wears out the liver, which leads to various chronic diseases. Bile ducts are being clogged, and inflammation occurs that damage for all the rest of the systems and organs. Therefore, it is very important to cleanse the liver periodically.

By importance, liver is second to heart. This is the filter of our blood: passing through the liver, the blood is cleaned of contaminants. You know should for yourselves that clean blood is health, vigor, vitality, and energy. And the polluted blood - just the opposite. Therefore, a healthy liver is so very important to us!

VitoLiv normalizes the liver function

VitoLiv is 100% natural combination made of powerful herbs. These pills provide the way out of the conditions like jaundice, hepatitis, and other liver concerns. VitoLiv is well-known for the ability to restore the liver cells, and also to prevent damage caused by drugs, alcohol, diseases (viral and drug induced hepatitis, jaundice etc). Beside, VitoLiv supports overall human condition, and metabolism too. VitoLiv normalizes the liver function and enzyme activity of liver cells. It decreases the level of liver’s energy consumption; contributes to the re-generation of the liver cells; converts neutral fats and cholesterol into the forms that are facilitating their metabolism; stabilizes the physical and chemical properties of bile. VitoLiv has a normalizing effect on the metabolism of proteins and liver’s detoxifying function. The supplements restore and preserve the cellular structure of the liver; they eliminate the violations, contribute to re-generation of cell membranes, increase the detoxification ability of the liver, thus normalizing its function.


  • Phyllanthus niruri
  • Picrorrhiza kurroa
  • Andrographis paniculata
  • Boerhaavia diffusa


You should take VitoLiv 2 pills twice a day after meal.

Side Effects

To make sure that this formula works and keeps safe your whole body, the best specialists were invited to test and approve the supplement. The tests and analyses were successful and now thousands of people benefit from VitoLiv.

Brand Name: VitoLiv™

Servings Per Container: 60 Capsules

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