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Top 10 foods with vitamin B12 (cobalamin)

Vitamin B12 (it is also called Cobalamin) is the most complex vitamin known nowadays. Doctors say that even slight vitamin B12 deficiency may lead to mania, anemia, depression and fatigue. But long term vitamin B12 deficiency may lead to permanent damage of the central nervous system and brain.

Vitamin B12 can be found in animal products. Though, synthetic B12 is also available. It is added to foods like cereals.

It should be mentioned that there can not be an overdose of vitamin B12. It is excreted by the body. It is also may be stored in the liver for use when B12 supplies are insufficient.

Please keep in mind that stores of vitamin B12 can last for up to 12 months.

Top ten foods with the largest amount of B12

  1. The first in our list of products is Shellfish (Cooked Clams). The content of Vitamin B12 in 100g is 98.9ug (1648% DV). The content of B12 in common servings (85g) is 84.1ug (1401% DV). There is 187.9ug (3132% DV) per 20 small clams. There is also other shellfish with high B12 content, such as Mussels (340%) and Oysters (408%) per 3oz serving.
  2. The second product in our list is liver (beef). It has 83.1ug (1386% DV) of B12 in 100g; 70.7ug (1178% DV) in 85g serving and 67.3ug (1122% DV) per one slice (81g). There is a variety of other liver products which have Vitamin B12 (%DV per 3oz serving): Chicken Liver Paté (114%), Paté de Foie Gras (133%) and Liverwurst Sausage (189%).
  3. If you like fish, then this information is exactly for you! Fish (Mackerel) is on the third place of our list. The content of Vitamin B12 in 100g is 19.0ug (317% DV); in 85g serving it is 16.2ug (269% DV); and 16.7ug (279% DV) per fillet (88g). You may replace it with Trout (106%), Canned Sardines (126%), Tuna (154%), Herring (186%) or Smoked Salmon (257%).
  4. Crustaceans (Crab) are on the fourth place. It is well-known fact that they are high in vitamin B12. Let’s see more detailed information: there is 11.5ug (192% DV) in 100g; 9.8ug (163% DV) in 85g serving and 15.4ug (257% DV) per leg (134g). You may also choose Lobster (20%), Shrimp (24%) and Crayfish (44%).
  5. We have put fortified soy products (silken tofu) to the fifth place of our list. They have 2.2ug (37% DV) per 1/5 package (91g); 2.0ug (34% DV) in 85g servings and 2.4ug (40% DV) in 100g of product. There is also 50% DV of B12 in light plain soymilk.
  6. Fortified Cereals (All Bran). We have been hearing from the very childhood about benefits of the fortified cereals. Here is the proof of it: there is 20.0ug (333% DV) of vitamin B12 in 100g; 6.0ug (100% DV) in 1/3 cup and 18.0ug in 1 cup (90g).
  7. Red Meat (Beef) takes the 7th place. It is not only tasty, but it is also high in B12 vitamin. The content of B12 per medallion (34g) is 2.0ug (34% DV); 6.0ug (100% DV) in 100g and 5.1ug (85% DV) in 85g servings. You may also choose lamb. It is has 45% DV of vitamin B12.
  8. Low Fat Dairy (Skim Milk) was put on the eighth place of our list. Check the following information: the content of B12 per cup (245 g) is 1.2ug (21% DV); there is 0.5ug (8% DV) of B12 vitamin in 100g and 4.9ug (82% DV) per quart (980g). There are also other dairy foods from this category. You may try Full Fat Yogurt (15%), Whole Milk (18%), Reduced Fat Milk (22%) or Nonfat Yogurt (25%).
  9. We have put Cheese (Swiss) on the 9 place of this list. The content of vitamin B12 is as follows: 3.6ug (60% DV) in cup shredded, 3.3ug (56% DV) in 100g and 0.9ug (16% DV) in 28g serving. You may try other sorts of chees that are also high in vitamin B12. For example, you may choose Feta (8%), Tilsit (10%), Gietost (11%) as well as Parmesan and Reduced Fat Mozzarella.
  10. Finally, the last product of our top 10 products high in vitamin B12 is egg (chicken’s). Almost everyone loves eggs in different types, fried or boiled. We make different salads with eggs. We eat eggs almost every day and don’t know that they are high in vitamin B12. Let’s see the content of vitamin B12: 2.0ug (33% DV) in 100g, 0.36ug (6% DV) in the egg, 0.3ug (6% DV) in yolk. You may also choose other eggs, such as Quail (2%), Turkey (22%), Duck (63%) or Goose (122%).
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