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Supplement for gaining muscle weight

Probolan 50 is a completely herbal dietary supplement, which enables you to get more out of your gym workout and helps build muscle mass. This product was clinically tested in terms of safety and its influence on muscle mass and approved by all governing agencies. It contains 50 mg epihydroxyetioallocholan-17-ester per dose. Probolan 50 increases the level of estrogen and testosterone. This makes your body start natural processes of increasing muscle mass and fat burning. This supplement is considered to be one of the best ones for bodybuilding.

Probolan 50 guarantees to build muscle mass

It contains powerful nutrients designed to increase your workouts to the next stage of development. Please be aware that this supplement will not replace your workouts! It helps your body to maximize the results of each workout!

There is no supplement which can replace the hard work you do at the gym and nutrition regimen. But it often happens that even if you do everything right, it might be not enough to build the muscle mass. Lots of men who have already tried Probolan50 reported the great results and absence of side effects! You just need to take this remedy along with nutrition regimen and exercise. This pill is a pro-testosterone supplement that is popular all over the world among amateur and professional bodybuilders.

Why Probolan50

  • Muscle gain is the first and most important reason to order Probolan50. Change your life by increasing your power, stamina, drive and performance.
  • Probolan50 is safe supplement because every ingredient of it was thoroughly tested.
  • Estrogen and testosterone control with Probolan50 allows your body to enter a naturally induced pro-anabolic state burning fat.

How does Probolan50 work

Epihydroxetiolan is the active component in this supplement. It is a therapeutic component which signals your pituitary gland to get off the sidelines and get into the action by secreting a powerful luteinizing hormone which triggers a metabolic chain-reaction with almost immediate results. It increases the level of testosterone by 400%. This hormone is important for unlocking the metabolic aspects fat-burning, muscle gain, and visible bodybuilding results.

Hormone manipulation is process of 2 stages. In the first stage Probolan50 increases the level of testosterone. In the second stage it fine-tunes the way your muscles receive the boost by causing cell receptors to process the anabolic impact more efficiently. The second stage is also called Second Messenger Technology and refers to the way the formula notifies the muscle cell nucleus that an increased amount of testosterone is now available. These two stages unlock your full potential!

Probolan50 differs from many other supplements. Anti-aromatase inhibitors in its formula don’t convert testosterone to estrogen. Secondly, estrogen-blocking compounds in this remedy restrict the receptors at the point of attack, assuring that estrogen doesn’t attach to the receptor and exert any of its undesirable effects.


  • Build better muscle mass
  • Increase your natural endurance
  • Gain confidence and strength
  • Control your own metabolism
  • Feel healthier and more energetic
  • Impress competition judges
  • Fine-tune your body mass
  • Save time with faster results

Within the first 2 days you will notice the results – increased drive, better endurance, heightened focus, improved muscular definition, improved body mass index numbers, deeper topographical body sculpting! What is the most important is that you achieve great results without any side effect! The increase of the muscle mass achieved with Probolan 50 remains even after you complete the regimen.

You will gain muscle mass much quicker than you might think! Surprise your competitors with great muscles!

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