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Resveratrol makes your body and skin feel younger

Herbal supplement for anti aging

Our anti aging product are the safest natural combination which is recommended by the most killed and outstanding scientists. Normally, there have been no side effects noticed during the herbs treatment, either short-term, or long-term ones. Alternative medicine fights a lot of disease successfully.

Resveratrol is a biologically active formula of the polyphenol resveratrol which has been confirmed in clinical studies as a factor in activating SIRT1 and increasing the productivity of cells. Resveratrol Ultima (contains Polygonum cuspidatum) is an incredible product that revitalizes your body functions by forcing your organism to remove the excess weight. Resveratrol is the most powerful natural antioxidant, alongside beta - carotene (5 times more effective), vitamin E (50 times more effective), and vitamin C (20 times). It was also shown that Trans-Resveratrol increases the level of mitochondria in the cells, thereby increasing the energy force and increasing sensomotoric function.

Best result has been shown in skin treatment

Resveratrol rejuvenates the skin cells 17 times more effective than Q10 coenzyme by supporting smoothness and elasticity of the skin and preventing premature aging - younger looking skin; resveratrol has the ability to repair and stimulate collagen, therefore restoring the youth of the withered skin.

Resveratrol helps in many cases

Professor of Harvard Medical School Dr. David Sinclair is a founder of research of resveratrol. In Sinclair 2004 became the co-founder of a small company of the development and certification of the drugs based on resveratrol. In July 2008 the British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline bought this company for 720 million dollars. This huge deal shocked many scientists, but according to Dr. Sinclair, he discovered the natural elixir of life.

The positive effects of resveratrol is reached in the prevention and treatment of such diseases, as Cancer, Alzheimer Parkinson, Diabetes, Asthma and Cardiovascular disease:

  • inhibits cancer center, destroying cancer cells without damaging health;
  • reduces the level of sugar in the blood;
  • during the treatment of allergic diseases of different origin, resveratrol has anti-allergic effect by neutralizing the release of histamine;
  • strengthens blood vessels, helps in prevention of varicose veins and thrombophlebitis, improves blood circulation in the organs and tissues, as well as strengthens bones and helps reduce cholesterol levels.


Polygonum cuspidatum


Take 2 pills day as a dietary supplement.

Brand Name: Resveratrol Ultima™

Servings Per Container: 60 Capsules

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