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Goodbye hair loss with herbal pills TrichoZed

Herbal supplement for hair loss

Alopecia (this term defines baldness) is a pathological loss of hair and a serious psychological problem for the person. The hair has always been considered a symbol of vitality and energy. The reasons why people with a good health begin to lose hair can be divided into two main groups: internal and external reasons. The internal factors include hormonal fluctuations and metabolic disorders, autoimmunity, genetic predisposition etc. The external factors are the following: mental state (stress), infection, physical trauma (damage of the skin), the effect of toxic substances, etc. Often, all of these factors are being combined.

Attempts to treat premature balding have been taking place for centuries - these recipes even contain in ancient Egyptian reeds. Throughout centuries there was the rich variety of means and methods to treat baldness invented and tested. However, the panacea has not been found.

Today, there is an arsenal of conservative methods (they are local, and therefore temporary), and even surgical techniques that bring results, but success is relative. These methods can temporarily reduce or stop hair loss, as well as strengthen them, and in some cases - to achieve a temporary growth of new vellus hair.

The treatments currently available are rather expensive. There are special treatments for alopecia, but it is important to remember that you should choose one of them and use only after the consultation with your doctor. Besides it is necessary before the treatment to identify the true cause of active hair loss.

Beside different chemical methods, people fight hair loss by using the surgical methods - hair transplantation. It is believed that the most promising method of transplantation is the type of hair transplantation when from the areas not suffered from baldness (that is where the follicles not responsive to androgens are), areas of tissue with hair (1 to 8) is transferred to the area of hair loss.

TrichoZed anti hair loss tablets

TrichoZed are the safe natural supplements that benefits from the strength of its components to fight aggressively against hair-loss. This medication is medically approved; it ensures that your hair grows healthy and beautiful.

Within a month of taking of TrichoZed 80% patients have confirmed an effective reduction of level of hairfall than during the treatment by other products.

Trichozed natural supplements are a 100% herbal, therefore natural hair loss treatment.


Trichozed’s substances block the production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Dihydrotestosterone is a male hormone which in charge of hair loss. DHT blocks the blood in-flow to the hair follicle, therefore slowing down the hair growth, eventually making it to fall. Gradually, hair becomes thinner and begins to fall out. Here, TrichoZed is instrumental. Trichozed supplement stops the DHT production, and thus, hair loss, and eventually boosts the hair growth. TrichoZed will ensure noticeable hair growth in 30 - 45 days. A permanent or prolonged use of TrichoZed ensures long-lasting result within 6 months.


  • Pyridoxin hydrochloride
  • Emblica officinalis
  • Serenoa repens
  • Biotin


Patients are recommended to take 2 pills per day with a full glass of water. Follow the course of TrichoZed treatment to enjoy the best results in the fight against hair-loss.

Side Effects

TrichoZed consists of pure herbs; that is why the supplements are absolutely free of side effects. These herbal pills are recommended by experienced doctors and nutritionists. Taking TrichoZed you can be sure that the result you have wanted for so long will not make you wait.

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