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Fast increase in muscle mass

Metadrol is a natural supplement which guarantees a fast increase in muscle mass. It is taken to increase muscle strength, improve performance, sooth sore muscles, and to achieve better results and burn fat. Faster muscle regeneration process speeds up the process of building muscle mass, increases the intensity of exercises allowing you to train more frequently.

Metadrol helps you to increase your muscle and strength

During clinical trials, men who were taking Metadrol improved their body mass index results, gained strength, and reduced body fat 2.5 times faster than men without it. This proved the efficacy of this unique formula.

Metadrol has been carefully designed in a medical laboratory by biological engineers and chemists in order to provide a powerful combination of nutrients and lactic acid inhibitors which improve recovery time, promote fast muscle growth, and reduce soreness after intense training sessions. Clinical tests showed that men who used this remedy for 60 days gained an average of 19.7 pounds of body weight, and reduced their body fat in 3,4%.

How does Metadrol work

The perfect formula of the brand provides great anabolic activity without hormonal suppression. This remedy helps you to increase your muscle and strength while losing fat! By helping your muscles to get the maximum benefit from each training session, you are allowing your training sessions to take you to a higher level of performance.

Only Metadrol is made of laboratory tested ingredients designed to protect muscle fibers. This allows you to become much more flexible and much stronger. Calibrating your body to minimize lactic acid and maximize muscle growth is the key to the Metadrol fitness equation.
Right equipment, proper nutrition and Metadrol will give you faster recovery to push more often and greater endurance to push harder.
Reducing the impact of lactic acid results in a shorter and more manageable ‘burn’ after high energy workouts. Fueling your muscles with the right combination of Creatine, Amino Acids, Catalytic Proteins and Nitric Oxide Accelerators provides your body with all of the foundational elements that a professional fitness regimen requires.


  • Functional Strength – Metadrol provides your muscles with the combination of nutrients they need and catalysts design to reduce lactic acid build-up. This results in significantly improved functional strength, greater endurance, enhanced recovery speed and unparalleled flexibility. This is possible due the perfect formula HGRX-3[2-Hydrxy-3-Methox 0H2] that produces significant anabolic activity.
  • Power – the unique formula of Metadrol provides you with great power helping you to build a perfect body. All the tests and scientific researches made with Metadrol shows an increase in the muscle power.
  • Muscle Mass – Metadrol helps you to maximize your muscle mass and reduces ‘burn’ to make sure that you can achieve the desired results.
  • Confidence – Metadrol will increase your confidence which comes from knowing your muscles will perform at their best when you need them the most.

Usually people start to notice results in the first training session. Athletes report the big change in the increase of the energy level. You will notice a gradual improvement in your muscle gain results after 2-3 weeks.

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